Recruitment Schedule

The VVFC is currently busy trianing our new members. We plan on restarting our recruitment process in January of 2023.

If you are a Varna or Ellis Hollow resident, or would like to become a VVFC bunker, please come to our station on any Thursday night between 6:30pm and 9:30pm as there may be some available opportunities prior to the start of formal recruitment.

The Varna Volunteer Fire Company (VVFC) is a 100% volunteer operated not-for-profit organization which provides fire protection and emergency medicine to residents of an area of approximately 17 square miles in the westernmost portion of the Town of Dryden, NY. Our district is just minutes from Cornell University Campus and the City of Ithaca. VVFC receives roughly 300 calls for service per year which include fires, motor vehicle collisions, electrical emergencies and medical emergencies.

Our firehouse features a fitness center, outdoor sports areas, state-of-the-art entertainment and gaming systems (all provided by generous donors), study spaces, a conference room, and a recently-built bunkhouse with space for members who are interested in living there free of charge, as well as for members who want a place to stay during an overnight shift.

The VVFC prides itself on diversity, as we represent the communities that we serve. Our membership consists of Varna and Ellis Hollow residents, as well as Cornell faculty, staff, undergraduates and graduate students. We represent people of all different backgrounds, ethnicities and origins. The VVFC not only welcomes applications from everyone who lives or works in our area, but also encourages these applications from anyone who migh thave an interest in serving their community, be it through firefighting, providing emergency medical care, or performing other support roles.

The Varna fire protection district is approximately a five mile by five mile area that includes the hamlet of Varna and also the Ellis Hollow area. The map to the left shows the approximate boundaries of our fire protection district.

If you work or reside in our community, we strongly encourage you to consider joining our organization. We have roles for everyone regardless of skill level or prior experience.